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Year-round Pilgrimage Destination


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Luxurious vacation


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World’s best services
with the highest standards of safety

In our world, everyone is a VIP..... Welcome to our world of distinct legacy, fresh perspective, and new heights.
Booking system
We offer personalised booking services, regardless of the location.
Grand solutions in flight and ground handling services for pilgrims
Aircraft Charter
For charter flights in different regions, be it private, cargo or group charter.
Aviation Matters
We are perfectly placed to comment on a range of aviation matters arising
From $210

in Europe, Paris

We can make it happen!!! Let's help manage your bookings and travels
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Private Charter
for you and yours
We can arrange helicopters, private jets & executive airliners for your business & leisure pursuits.
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Cargo Charter
for your goods
Our award-winning personnels can arrange a variety of cargo planes and helicopter for all your shipping requirements.
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Where the past
and the future meet
We are not just raising the bar & setting the standards high, we are re-routing the fate of the aviation industry
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Perfect place to
do everything in a week

Looking to visit the Holy City of Jerusalem? Look no further… We evolved from the design, development, management and production of a wide range of solutions in flight and ground handling services for pilgrims. We can make your visit and stay to the Jerusalem a memorable one.

John Kennedy Opara JP…. Discover Jerusalem in a different light

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From $280

Your Caribbean dream comes true

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suites on the beach
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From $420
One day ship
cruise round the bay
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From $280
Scuba diving
for ocean treasures
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From $320

Travel around
the world in 20 days

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Matthew and Amanda, World Trip, May 07-27, 2016

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Dennis and Julia, March 12-22, 2016

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Mark and Ann, September 04-16, 2016

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